Troubleshooting Questions

  • Can I get instructions on how to teardown my 2-Stroke engine?

    For more information on how to tear down a 2-stroke engine, please see the video below: 2-stroke Teardown
  • How can I do a pre-engine check before I ride my motorized bike for the first time?

    After doing the engine assembly and engine installation on the bike, the next step is to "Break-in" the engine which is also known as run-in or running in, is the procedure of conditioning the engine by giving it an initial period of running, usually under light load, but sometimes under heavy lo...
  • How can I get rid of gas tank rust?

    The way the tanks are manufactured, they put water in them to get the excess metal shavings out of them, and they don't dry them properly, therefore they get some surface rust. What you can do to get rid of the rust inside the tank is to fill 1 cup of gas only, no oil. Fill the tank, making sure...
  • How do I adjust the clutch on my 2-Stroke engine?

    These videos below will explain how to properly adjust your clutch on your motorized bicycle: Adjusting Your New Motorized Bike's Carburetor & Clutch How To Adjust Your 2-Stroke Clutch - 48cc 50cc 66cc 80cc -Motorized Bicycle You can actually adjust your clutch before installing the engine o...
  • How do I assemble my BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle?

    This video will show you how to properly assemble our BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle: F-Zero Full Assembly | Unboxing | Motorized Bike
  • How do I assemble my Switz Cruz 26" Men's Beach Cruiser Bike Bicycle?

    This video will show you how to properly assemble our Switz Cruz 26" Men's Beach Cruiser Bike Bicycle: Assembling Our Switz Cruz Bicycle | The Perfect Foundation For Your Motorized Bike Build!
  • How do I assemble the top-end components on my 2-Stroke engine?

    Please see the video below on how to go about the 2-Stroke Top End Assembly: Top End Assembly Guide
  • How do I install the BBR Tuning Arch Chain Idler Tensioner with Pulley Wheel?

    This video will show you how to properly mount our Arched Chain Tensioner on your motorized bicycle: ARCHED CHAIN TENSIONER | HOW TO PROPERLY MOUNT ON YOUR MOTORIZED BIKE
  • How do I install the BBR Tuning Stage 1 & Stage 2 CDI?

    This tutorial below will show you how to install the  BBR Tuning Stage 1 & Stage 2 CDI: How To Install: BBR Tuning Stage 1 & Stage 2 CDI - Best 2 Stroke CDI 2019
  • How do I install the Boost Bottle Induction Kit?

    Please check the link below for a quick and easy tutorial on how to install your boost bottle: Boost Bottle Installation for Motorized Bikes Tutorial | 66cc 80cc 49cc 50cc 2-Stroke
  • How do I install the front disc brakes and rear caliper brakes on my motorized bike?

    This video provides a step-by-step guide on properly installing the front disc brakes and rear caliper brakes on your motorized bicycle: Front and Rear Brakes | How To Properly Mount Them On Your Motorized Bike!
  • How do I install the rag joint or the sprocket clamp assembly on the rear wheel?

    The benefits of properly installing your rear sprocket will allow for a sturdier ride and an aligned drive chain. This video will show you how to install and assemble the sprocket clamp assembly on the rear wheel: How to Install Motorized Bike Rear Sprocket Assembly on 26" Wheel Important Update...
  • How do I install the throttle on the High Performance Carburetor?

    Here’s what you’ll need for the installation: Flat-head screwdriver Phillips screwdriver Plumbing tape Please see the video below on how to install a throttle on a High-Performance Carburetor: How to Install Throttle on High-Performance Carburetor
  • How do I install the throttle to an NT Carburetor?

    This is a quick step-by-step video guide on installing the throttle cable to an NT carburetor: Motorized Bikes | Install Throttle to Carburetor | How to Basic
  • How do I know the correct type of piston on my engine?

    As there are many different pistons for each model of engine, please read the measurements of our pistons and reference your existing piston to ensure a proper fit. Please kindly check the sample below to determine the measurement of the existing piston you have. Check Your Piston Measurements: ...
  • How do I start a 2-stroke engine?

    The process can be broken down into these 4 steps: Step 1. Close the choke, then open it to about 10% open. Step 2. Hold the clutch down and get some speed by using the pedals. Step 3. Gradually let go of the clutch, while simultaneously giving it gas. This doesn't have to be fast. Step 4. Let t...
  • How do I tune my NT carburetor?

    This video will show you how to tune your NT carburetor to improve your engine’s performance: How To Tune NT Carburetor for 48cc 50cc 66cc 80cc Motorized Bicycle Just a few things to also check on as well: Check your intake for any debris clogging it up or in the carburetor itself.  Check the f...
  • I’m having problems with my 2-stroke engine. How can I get help?

    We have a list of troubleshooting steps for you to follow on the most common issues encountered on a 2-stroke engine. Here are the following topics found in our guide: Engine Won't Start No Spark Good Spark but Engine Will Not Start Engine Does Not Reach Max RPM Engine Has High RPM But No Pulli...
  • My bike wheel wobbles when I ride it. How can I fix this or how do I make sure the wheel is true?

    You cannot measure the trueness of a wheel via the tire because the tire is rubber with high and low points depending on how the tire is seated and inflated. If you would like to measure the trueness of the rim, you need to remove the tire before doing a spin test. Also, please note that the key...
  • My drive chain is getting stuck. How do I fix this?

    File down the drive sprocket to make it smoother if your chain is getting stuck on the drive sprocket. Here’s a video on how to file it: If Your Drive Chain is Getting Stuck, Try this!
  • My engine is not getting any spark. How do I test the electrical components on my 2-Stroke engine?

    Making sure you're getting spark and learning the tips and tricks needed to keep your engine in top shape will improve your motor performance and keep it running longer and more consistent. This video will teach you how to properly test your magneto loop set, electron ignition coil (CDI), and sp...
  • What are the different jet sizes and what’s the difference?

    If you are using the stock NT Carburetor that comes with the angle fire engine kit, the jet size included in the carburetor is 0.72mm, If you want to do some upgrades with your carburetor jets, we have 3 different sets of carburetor jets that you can select from. These jets are compatible with NT...
  • What is the fuel to oil ratio on the 2-Stroke engine?

    For the 2-Stroke 66/80cc Angle Fire, 66/80cc Racing Series Stage 1 to 4, and 80/100cc engine kits, the correct fuel ratio is 40:1 which is 3.2 oz of oil to a gallon of gas. We recommend a synthetic blend or full synthetic 2-Stroke motor oil. For the 2-stroke gas, you can use the standard 87 gas a...
  • Which sprocket adapter is compatible with my bike?

    This video below will show you how to choose the right adapter for your wheel: How to Choose the Right Sprocket Adapter Assembly SPROCKET SIZE CHART Standard Large Adapter Specifications: Fits any rear hub with a diameter of 1.52-1.528". Used with 12G and 14G spokes. The following are compatib...
  • Will an engine kit fit my bike?

    Our engine kits fit most 26" Wheeled Bikes (Mountain, Cruiser, Chopper, Road) with V-frame. The frame should have 9-11” of clearance between the bottom bracket and top bar, and the diameter of the frame tubes should be 25-29mm (around an 1”). 26" Men's Beach Cruiser 26" Men's Road Bike 26" Men's...