How do I install the rag joint or the sprocket clamp assembly on the rear wheel?

The benefits of properly installing your rear sprocket will allow for a sturdier ride and an aligned drive chain. This video will show you how to install and assemble the sprocket clamp assembly on the rear wheel:
How to Install Motorized Bike Rear Sprocket Assembly on 26" Wheel

Important Update: The sprocket adapter has been redesigned and you have the most updated version. It will only come with 1 set of metal plates. The metal plates will make a complete circle. This goes on the inside of your hub and will bolt directly to your sprocket. The rubber grommets will go in between your spokes/metal plates and your spokes/rear sprocket. You should have everything you need.

When tightening the sprocket adapter onto the wheel. Please tighten in a Crisscross pattern to ensure the unit is evenly tightened.

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