I just received my order. Can I have the installation guide?

You can find all of our Bicycle Engine Kit, Mini Dirt Bike, and ModWheel Kits installation videos available on this link: https://www.bikeberry.com/pages/install-guide. Please watch the video according to the product you’ve purchased.

If you are looking for an installation guide that is not on the link, please contact us via email, live chat, or phone. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to check on our resources to better assist you.

For 2-stroke engine kit installation, we highly recommend watching our Build It Custom! And Build It Right Series playlist. This is a very thorough guide with tips and tricks on how to properly build a motorized bike from the get-go.

More related video links, see below:

Switz Cruz 26" Men's Beach Cruiser Bike Bicycle:
Assembling Our Switz Cruz Bicycle | The Perfect Foundation For Your Motorized Bike Build!

BBR Tuning F-ZERO Motor-Ready Motorized Bicycle:
F-Zero Full Assembly | Unboxing | Motorized Bike

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